Top-quality at highly competitive prices makes AdVerbum Berlin your ideal source for translations and marketing adaptations. Our specialists translate in a wide range of fields, from advertising to software localization.

AdVerbum Berlin is a young, dynamic agency with years of experience in specialized translations, marketing in foreign languages, and editing. We translate and adapt texts from nearly every field into virtually any language! And our fast service meets your deadlines!

If you have high expectations of translations or adaptations, then you have come to the right place!
Because we do more than just translate your text.
Depending on your needs, we deliver translations that stick closely to the original or re-work your text from top to bottom to meet the requirements of the marketing world.
What next?
Just send us your text and a short briefing. Let us know if you would like a straightforward translation, an adaptation, or editing. Upon request, we can also give you a quick estimate for your project and leave the rest to us!

Your advantages


  • We only use qualified professional native speakers
  • All prices include copy editing by a second translator
  • Clear and simple price scale
  • Rush service
  • Guaranteed to meet deadlines
  • Fast online estimates
  • No minimum charge
  • Sworn translations


Outstanding: Translations, adaptations, editing and transcriptions


If you need a specialized translation, for example, of a business, legal or technical text, AdVerbum Berlin has just the right translator for the job.
Naturally we also work on websites, letters, manuals, etc.


Our language specialists ensure the quality of your corporate communications and publishing.


Of course we can also edit your manuscripts.
We recommend a final proofreading for all texts that are important to you or are destined for publishing. Our team proofreads just about everything, including sales folders, billboards, annual reports, agency booklets, presentation charts and catalogues.
You can count on our editors. Language, spelling, grammar, and punctuation are their specialties.

We have a large pool of talented and experienced translators. As you would expect, all our translators and copywriters are native speakers who are intimately familiar with the culture and mentality of their home countries.

But we do more than just translate words. Our creative team understands and interprets the ideas behind your text to write copy in the target language that flows just as smoothly as the original.


For the past several years, we have also been doing more and more work in the area of transcription.

We transcribe and translate interviews and podcasts for renowned TV and radio stations, including recent projects in the languages of Dari and Pashto (Afghanistan), in Hebrew, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, and German, as well as in various dialects of German. We offer many other languages upon request. Only specialists who are native speakers of the relevant languages carry out the translations and transcriptions.

We provide transcripts of spoken texts, such as interviews in the writing system of the respective language with time codes, and accurately translate the resulting text.

  • Experience in media, market research, and science
  • Precise transcriptions with fast turnaround.
  • Professional translations of unrivaled quality
  • Transcriptions and translations from a single source
  • Fast delivery with sufficient capacity for extensive orders
  • Absolute confidentiality in the handling and storage of your audio and video files


Need help? We speak your language

We translate or adapt everything from Arabic to business English to Zulu. Of course we also speak French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian…

We are flexible. Would you like a headline, a perfect annual report, a PR text, an article on electroplating technology, a flyer, proofreading – or something entirely different? AdVerbum Berlin is your source for outstanding translations, adaptations, and editing services.

What to do

Just send us your project, with information on the target language and deadline, and you will hear from us right away with an estimate or an order confirmation.

To help quickly process your order, we would like a briefing. Just send us an email or feel free to pick up the phone and call us. Some food for thought:

  • Do you prefer an adaptation or a more literal translation?
  • Do you have a young target group or serious business-to-business communications?
  • Do you have visuals? (It’s best to include these.)
  • Do you prefer British or American spelling?

We’ll take care of the rest – as quickly as possible!


It won’t cost you a fortune: Rates

Our prices are based on an hourly rate that allows for individual and fair pricing. After all, a simple letter in English demands less time than a scientific article in Mandarin.

Of course we would be happy to send you a price list. Or you can mail us an enquiry and we will send you an offer right away.

By the way, we also offer an express service. Depending on the size of the job and staff availability, this
means that we handle your order overnight or on the weekend.


Orders / estimates

To help quickly process your order or estimate, you should give us a briefing. Just send us an email or feel free to pick up the phone and call us. Some food for thought:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
  • Open office

We know how to secret: Discretion

Our team is committed to total discretion. You can rest assured that your name or project will never appear on our website or in our customer mailings.

Express Service

Express Service 24h

By the way, we also offer an express service. Depending on the size of the job and staff availability, this means that we handle your order overnight or on the weekend.

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